-33% AC Voltage Detector Safety Electric Tester

AC Voltage Detector Safety Electric Tester

This Electric Tester is very convenient to Detect whether the Live Phase AC voltage is present or not. A necessary tool for every home.    

Ideal for testing AC cables, circuit breakers, wall sockets, fuses, switch etc.

Safe and easy-to-use, non technical person can use
Compact, Easy to carry, Fits in a pocket for convenience
Plastic body, no chance to get electric shock
Quickly Detect the Live Phase current without any direct metallic contact
Locates Defects / breaks in cables at exact point where red light and beep disappears
Detects blown fuses inside plugs or fuse holders
Distinguishes between Live and neutral wires in single and three phase supplies
Super-bright, Additional LED flashlight with button to check any dark place

How to use:
Touch the Electric wire or required any electric Power socket/ switch / holder with the pen front tip. If the red indicator lights up and beep, that means AC voltage Phase (Live line) exists. It also works plastic covered socket, switch, cables etc.

Frequency Range: 50 to 500 Hz
Test Voltage Range: 90-1000V AC voltage
Detection: Red LED glow with Beep sound
Safety Rating : CAT II 1000v
Powered By: 2 x AAA Batteries (Not included)
Material: ABS Plastic
Color: Yellow
Net weight: 45g

Package included (without retail pack):
1 x AC Voltage Detector (Battery not included)

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AC Voltage Detector Safety Electric Tester

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