Out Of Stock EFO Auto Blast Fire Extinguisher

EFO Auto Blust Fire Extinguisher Disk for Car Engine

EFO Auto Powder Extinguisher is the Latest Innovative Easy Fire off Technology by Japan. It contains high quality Nano dry powder, safe and harmless, which can suppress the A,B,C (classified of wood, paper, cloth, oil and electrical) type of fire, the effective use of range can up to 14 square feet.
It can be placed inner side of the car bonet, over the dashboard or other possible source of ignition
Also It can be placed inner side of the circuit breaker / electrical distribution boxes at your House, office, Shops, Wirehouse and within any narrow-type spaces to protect firing from short circuit..

Fully Auto Blasting Technology, no need any person
very light Weight, only 240g
Environmental protection materials, waterproof
small factor which can be applied into variety of narrow-type space
Service life is three years under normal conditions
Qualified the SGS environment 85C degree and compression 150kgs tested

Uses: Car, Bus or other Vehicles engine, Circuit breaker or Electric Distribution Boxes of Home, Shops, Garments, Bank, Factory,  and other small fire off spaces.

Manufacturer: Liquid Tech Ind. Corp., Taiwan
Brand: Bojo
Model: EFO
Disperse Covering Fire area: 14 Sq. Feet
Chemical: Powder
Operation: Auto
Fire Class : A, B, C
Weight: 240g
Size: 16.5 x 17.5 x 3cm (Disc Type)
Retention Period: 3 years


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EFO Auto Blast Fire Extinguisher

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