Out Of Stock GSM Fixed Wireless Terminal for Telephone/PABX FWTC700

GSM Fixed Wireless Terminal for Telephone/PABX FWTC700

Usually the GSM Fixed Wireless Terminal (FWT) should be installed a GSM SIM card inside, then connect it with common wired PSTN Desktop Telephone by a telephone line, so that the desktop phone can make or receive phone call normally based on GSM network.
When your phone is ringing just lift up the handset of the telephone set and speak.
It can also connect with any PABX System.
The Device has two Telephone Line out, which you can use two desktop phone by one SIM card.


Any GSM SIM- GP, Robi, Banglalink, Airtel, Teletalk can be used
Can connect any normal PSTN Telephone set
Can connect to any PABX CO Line
Powerful capacity of signals receiving Antenna
LED Indicator for signal strength, calling status and power
Built-in Watchdog duty circuit, any fault will restart the Terminal.
Support DTMF
Supports modem mode

GSM frequency: GSM900/1800MHZ
Power consumption: Static  less than 25mA, emission less than SOOmA
Peak power consumption: 0.25W/0.5W
Receive sensitivity: -104db
Antenna increment: All directions: S.Odb Certain/Selection: 12db
Output port: 2 RJ11
Color: Black, White, Orange

How to use this device?
Step-1: Install a SIM Card
Insert the SIM card only when the terminal is switched off and the AC adapter is unplugged.
Step-2: Connect the Antenna
For antenna connection, you can use your mobile phone to search for the place where the strongest signal is,
then put the antenna there. Please do not make the antenna too close to the terminal, It will disturb the signal of the terminal.
Please do not make the antenna and the terminal too close to the TV set, computer, and radiogram etc. It will disturb the signal of the terminal.
Step-3: Connecting your terminal with Telephone set or PABX CO input
To make calls, you should connect the telephone line with RJ11 phone port of GSM terminal and telephone set.
There are two Telephone port at the back side of the terminal. You can connect one or two desktop Telephones with terminal or connect to your PABX System
Step-4: Connect power adapter and switch on the power.
Step-5: For a while, the device get GSM signal and enter normal working status.
Step-6: Make phone call(dial in and dial out) with your telephone set that connected with terminal.
The phone number of desktop phone is the GSM SIM card number inside terminal.

Package included:
1pcs Main unit FWTC700
1pcs GSM antenna with Cable
1pcs power Adapter

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GSM Fixed Wireless Terminal for Telephone/PABX FWTC700

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