-56% Magnetic Acupressure Fitness Toe Ring

Magnetic Acupressure Fitness Toe Ring

The secret lies in the 2 pieces of magnetic irons beneath the rings which can emit 1,100 Gauss's magnetic force to stimulate the acupuncture points on your body. This will activate those areas which are normally not in use while walking, and also helps to improve sagging muscles.
If you try to draw a line on a human body from head to bottom, the center of body must be on big toes (foot thumbs).
Wear the ring on your big toes and also you wear it on second toes to make it more effective. Concentrate on the center of the body, and your weight is on the big toes or inner side of the body. You can reduce weight at the same time, because there are many acupressure points (Tsubo) for slimming in toes Physical exercise and dieting none of these, the secret of its fantastic body shaping capability lies in a circular pottery anode.
The same exercise effect as walking of one hour when using digest ring for 20 minutes. The effect of body shaping can be achieved in a short period of time without any pains.


Magnetic Strength: 1100 gauss
Number of Magnets: 2Diameter of Each Ring: 2.5cm
Width of Each Ring: 1.3cm
Material: Silicone
Package Include: 2 x magnetic toe rings

How to use:
Wear the rings on the 2 big toes.
Make sure that the magnets are positioned beneath the toe and in the middle.
You can go about your daily routine while the rings work at slimming you down
It is washable with lukewarm water and mild detergent

Use it every day while you walk, exercise, running and wear it to work. It doesn't matter

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Magnetic Acupressure Fitness Toe Ring

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