Super Low Loss Co-axial Cable LMR400

Super Low Loss Co-axial Cable LMR400

The highest grade antenna cable, recommended for any performance critical, industrial, and harsh environmental applications. It's exceptional performance is achieved with a much thicker diameter (10mm) and greatly reduced flexibility (72mm minimum bend diameter).

Each manufacturer of LMR400 names their cable with different letters in front of '400', for example LCU400, RU400, LL400, and so on.

Electrical Specifications:
Resistance: 50Ω
Capacitance: 78.4pF/m
Signal Loss: 0.12dB/m @ 850MHz, 0.20dB/m @ 2100MHz
Frequency Range: DC-16GHz
Velocity of Propagation: 85%
Nominal Delay: 3.92ns/m
Voltage Withstand: 2500Volts DC
Peak Power: 16kW

Mechanical Specifications:
Weight/100m: 14.6kg
Minimum Bend Radius: 72mm
Conductor Material: Solid Copper (2.74mm)
Insulating Material: Gas Injected Foamed Polyethylene (7.24mm)
Outer Shield Material:
   - Sealed APA Tape 100% Coverage (7.37mm)
   - Tinned Copper Braid 98% Coverage (8.17mm)
Outer Jacket Material: Black Polyvinyl Chloride PVC (10.3mm)

Note: Unit price is mentioned per yard

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Super Low Loss Co-axial Cable LMR400

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