New Arrival -39% Walkie Talkie Hands-free Earphone with Vibration Throat Mic

Walkie Talkie Hands-free Earphone with Vibration Throat Mic

This Air conduit earphone Acoustic signal receiver converts sound waves transmitted through the plastic air duct to the ear. Its Vibration Throat Mic sense directly from the Throat and ensure less surrounding noise. Suitable for most of the 2 pin port Walkie Talkie two way Radio.

Almost invisible, people cannot find that you are using Hands-free Headset
Advanced Technology Covert Air Acoustic clear Tube earpiece, providing clear sound
Radiation free, can wear long time continuously
Hidden Vibration sensor Throat Microphone
Tiny Finger loop fastener PTT Button
Detachable acoustic tube design

Earpiece: Single ear, Covert Air Acoustic clear catheter Tube
Microphone: Vibration sensor Throat band
PTT Button: Finger Touch with Velcro fastener
Frequency response: 20-16000 hz
Sensitivity: - 36 db, + / - 2 db. 102 dB, + / - 3 dB
Impedance: 2.2 K ohms to 90 ohms, + / - 15%
Port: Dual Jack, 3.5 mm and 2.5 mm

Compatible Model:
KENWOOD: TK-208/308,TK-220/320,TK-240/340, TK-240D/340D,TK-248/348, TK-250/350/353, TK-260/360,TK-260G/360G,TK-270/370, TK-270G/370G,TK-272G/372G/373G, TK-278G/378G/388GPro-Talk,TK-430/431, TK-2100/3100 Pro-Talk,TK-2102/3102 Pro-Power,TK-2107/3107 Pro-Talk,TK2207,TK3207,TK-2160/3160, TH-D7, TH-D7A, TH-D7AG, TH-D7E, TH-F6, TH-F6A, TH-F7, TH-F7E, TH-G71, TH-G71A, TH-G71E, TH-K2, TH-K2A, TH-K2E, TH-K2ET, TH-21, TH-21AT, TH-21BT, TH-22, TH-22A, TH-22AT, TH-22E, TH-25, TH-26, TH-27, TH-28, TH31AT, TH31BT, TH41AT, TH41BT, TH-42, TH-42A, TH-42AT, TH-42E, TH-45, TH-46, TH-47, TH-48, TH-55, TH-75, TH-77, TH-G71, TH-205, TH-215, TH-225, TH-235, TH-235A, TH-235E, TH-315, TH-415, KPG27D, KPG29D,KPG48D, KPG49, KPG55D, KPG56D, KPG62D, KPG66D, KPG69D, KPG70D,KPG74D, KPG75D, KPG77D, KPG82D, KPG87D
BAOFENG: UV5R, UV82, BF-480, BF-490, BF-320, V6, V7, V8, BF-658, BF-520, BF-530, BF-999, BF-888, BF-777, BF-666S, BF-777S, BF-888S
HYT: TC286 386 2685 3865 6685, TC 278 378 388, TC 2100 2088
Also support WOUXUN/ PUXING/ QUSHENGAN /LINTON/TYT etc. almost all with a two pin diameter of 3.5 mm and 2.5 mm

Package included (without retail box):
1 x Air Acoustic ear bud
1 x Vibration sensor Throat band mic
1 x Connecting cable with PTT

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Walkie Talkie Hands-free Earphone with Vibration Throat Mic

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